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21 Mar 2022

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19 Mar 2022


Why are some of your "MAPPING" values inconsistent with the values provided in the PDF file?

I noticed some of your mapping entries don't match with what the PDF says to categorize them as. For example; Line 79 has 'travel expenses' as an entry under 'P&L account' then for the mapping categorization you have 'other operating expense' when the PDF says to categorize that as 'travel costs'. there are other entries that are inconsistent with the PDF as well.

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Posted on:

21 Mar 2022


Hi Alejandro,
Good to hear from you.
It's probably a mistake that occurred during the process of content creation. In fact, there isn't a hard rule how these items would be categorized. It really depends on whether you want to show 'travel costs' separately in the P&L or you want to group them with other items in a macro category like 'Other operating expenses'. Thank you for your understanding.

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