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Why does the auto fill in my excel fails to work

Why does the auto fill in my excel fails to work

Super Learner

Hello i am currently in the second sub topic of the course which is introduction to business analytics… i dont know if its my excel…but i am currently on the trend analysis path… from the tutorials the tutor\’s excel auto fill works perfectly well after he tried auto filling the values he gets from the  formular for revenue and cogs…but mine doesnt work… when i try dragging it horizontally or vertically it will give me the same values 

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Mohamed, 
Autofilling has always confused me too. It’s a bit strange because it works with these ‘unwritten’ rules, so to say.
So, what the instructor is doing is he’s selecting several cells 1,2,3 and then dragging down. In this way, Excel understands this is a series and continues the series. If you don’t make the selection and you only drag one cell, then you’ll receive the same value.
Hope this helps!

It still gives the same problem sire… from the tutorial it works but am having problems with mine

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