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24 Apr 2024

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07 Oct 2022


Worst Section ever on 365 DataScience!!

Actually, this section is full of issues in either lectures, excercises and even parctice exam while unfortunately, Q&A section is full of questions with no answers!

1- Regarding explanation, lecture no. #3 talking about arange function is not properly explained and has alot of outdated information regarding specifying the start and the stop parameters, even in solution to excercise file, this part is solved in contrary to the lectures

2- Regarding the excercise tasks, this screenshot shows how different are the questions and their answers
-- Q2 asks for an array of integers between 0 and 100 while the answer states between 0 and 10
-- Q3 asks for an array of two-digit integers while the answer returns an array of one digit

3- Regarding practice exam, again there is an incorrect answer given to arange function in Q2
-- In Q5, there code answer returns a different value (code answer should return 25.6 while the given answer is 23.4)

Could you please make explain these points?? Am I getiing things wrong?

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Posted on:

24 Apr 2024


Agree with notes from Eslam, if these are incorrect as believed, they should be rectified to avoid misleading learners. Thanks

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