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Fundamentals of Inferential Statistics

While descriptive statistics helps us describe and summarize a dataset, inferential statistics allows us to make predictions based off data. In this free practice exam, you are a data analyst at a leading statistical research company. Much of your daily work relates to understanding data structures and processes, as well as applying analytical theory to real-world problems on large and dynamic datasets. You will be given an excel dataset and will be tested on normal distribution, standardizing a dataset, the Central Limit Theorem among other inferential statistics questions.   

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Who is it for

If you are on the way to become a Data Scientist. Data Analyst, Business Analyst, ML Engineer or any data professional who is going to analyze data sets then this free quick assessment test is the resource for you.

How it can help you

Inferential statistics allow you to help estimate parameters such as the population parameter., as well as help you answer research questions using sample data. Therefore, if you want to quickly evaluate you knowledge on some basic inferential statistics concepts then take this free practice test.

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Fundamentals of Inferential Statistics