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Calculating Standard Deviation of Data in R Template

This free .r template will show you how to calculate the standard deviation of data using the R programming language. The standard deviation is obtained by taking the square root of the variance of the data. It is used in many statistical analyses, whenever we have numerical data and is a measure of data dispersion. The standard deviation shows how closely data sits around the mean – a small value shows data, which is densely populated around the mean, a large standard deviation signifies data which is more dispersed.

Elitsa Kaloyanova
Head of Data Content

Who is it for

Knowing how to get standard deviation is a fundamental skill not only for statisticians but for data scientists, machine learning engineers, financial analysts, BI analysts, and any data practitioner who wants to learn how to execute statistical functions in R programming language.

How it can help you

Standard deviation is a fundamental method in statistical analyses, as such it is applied across sectors such as medicine, finance, government, and business where organizations need data-driven insights to make optimal decisions. If you will be dealing with large data sets, finding standard deviation using programming languages like R is a necessity.

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Calculating Standard Deviation of Data in R Template