Simplilearn Alternative: 365 Data Science vs Simplilearn Comparison

Why 365 Data Science Brings More Value to Beginner Data Science Students Course Content, Features, Pricing
Simplilearn is оne of the world’s leading bootcamp providers. The learning platform offers self-paced and instructor-led courses with flexible schedules on topics like cyber security, digital marketing, business analytics, cloud computing, project management, and AI. 365 Data Science is an online self-paced learning platform focusing solely on data science and related topics, such as machine learning, deep learning, and data visualization. Instead of bootcamps, 365 offers structured career tracks that prepare you for data science, data analytics, and business analytics jobs. The platform, therefore, is more suitable for learning data science than Simplilearn.

Pricing: 365 Data Science vs Simplilearn

365 Data Science is particularly suitable for beginner and intermediate students. The course curriculum offers a strong foundation that lets you comprehend the more challenging topics later, including applicable business principles and programming languages like SQL, R, Python, and Excel and data visualization tools like Tableau.

$15.37 per month

Billed annually
  • Online On-demand Video
  • Gamifield Platform
  • Comprehensive Portfolio
  • Free Plan
  • Step-by-Step Curriculum
  • Real environment practice
  • Personalized learning dashboard
  • Career tracks
  • Exams
Self-paced learning courses

$399–$999 per program

Billed annually
  • Online On-demand Video
  • Gamifield Platform
  • Comprehensive Portfolio
  • Free Plan
  • Step-by-Step Curriculum
  • Real environment practice
  • Personalized learning dashboard
  • Career tracks
  • Exams

Course Content: 365 Data Science vs Simplilearn

365 Data Science

The 365 Data Science platform is designed for beginners to advanced professionals, providing a comprehensive and in-depth learning experience. Its program curriculum offers three career tracks: Data Scientist, Data Analyst, and Business Analyst. Each track begins with an Introduction to Data and Data Science, laying the foundation for the upcoming concepts and lessons. 365 also provides learners access to tools and software commonly used in the industry, such as Python and SQL.

The courses on 365 Data Science are taught by industry experts with years of experience in the field. The courses are structured into modules that build on each other and include video lectures, quizzes, and hands-on exercises. Additionally, learners are provided with interactive content—such as coding challenges and projects—that allows them to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios. The Data Scientist career track also delves deeply into the advanced concepts in deep learning and probability required for students to become capable data scientists with computational thinking. The essential statistical principles necessary for working with data are presented in the career tracks.


Simplilearn provides courses on various subjects, such as cybersecurity, digital marketing, business analytics, cloud computing, project management, and AI. The platform is not solely focused on data science and is less comprehensive than 365. Simplilearn LMS offers data science training suitable for beginners with little or no prior knowledge in the field. Its courses are structured into modules, and each one contains video lectures, quizzes, and assignments. Simplilearn’s Data Science with Python course, for example, addresses the basics of data science, statistical analysis, and Python programming. It also includes hands-on projects, case studies, and practical exercises that help learners better understand and apply the concepts in real-world scenarios.

Key Features: 365 Data Science vs Simplilearn

Learning Platform

365 Data Science aims to prepare students for their first role in data science—even if they have little or no experience in the field. The platform emphasizes practical skills development and provides learners with numerous opportunities to practice and apply their knowledge—allowing them to develop the skills they need to succeed in their careers. Those who have already begun their career can take advantage of courses focusing on applying data science to business and prepare for a managerial position.

365 has gamified elements that motivate students and create an engaging learning experience. Students collect XPs and cards with hand-drawn portraits of science pioneers, set goals and monitor their progress on a dashboard, compete for the top places on the leaderboard, communicate via the newsfeed, receive benefits and rewards for their achievements, etc.

Simplilearn doesn’t have a uniform course structure but offers several types of training (live classes, self-paced programs, etc.) in different formats and with various supplementary materials.

Simplilearn's LMS also includes progress tracking and personalized learning dashboards that help learners stay motivated and on track with their learning goals. But it lacks 365’s gamified elements and community of engaged students, which instill a sense of accountability and competitiveness that keeps you from quitting.

Learning Material

365 Data Science courses include engaging video lessons with supplementary downloadable study materials and exercises.

In addition, 365 offers various free downloadable resources you can store on your computer and access offline, including the following:

  • Course Notes: free PDF text documents highlighting a particular course's key concepts.
  • Templates: code-ready templates that speed up your process and cut down on online browsing time.
  • Infographics: PDF documents with eye-catching graphics that assist newcomers in explaining the big picture of the challenging discipline of data science.
  • Practice exams: free exams to practice and test your skills.
  • Free guides and tutorials: PDF documents, blog articles, and step-by-step guides on various data science topics.

Simplilearn provides learners with downloadable resources, such as eBooks, whitepapers, case studies, and study materials. These resources vary per course and can be accessed from the learner's account and downloaded offline. The videos of the self-paced courses can also be downloaded and used after the completion of the course.

Real Environment Practice

365 Data Science offers coding in real environments and video instructions on how to set it up. Practicing coding in a real-world environment may not be as convenient as using in-browser coding that enables students to switch quickly from watching a video to coding. But the benefits of developing your skills in a real-world environment outweigh the drawbacks. Most employers expect their employees to create their own programs and find practical solutions to problems. Moreover, this approach teaches you how to tackle issues not handled by browser-based coding, especially with large datasets.

Simplilearn’s platform provides learners access to various data science tools and software commonly used in the industry, such as Python, R, Tableau, and Excel. Its data science courses include hands-on projects that require learners to work with real datasets, clean and analyze the data, and present their findings using data visualization tools in their practice labs. These labs allow students to practice their coding skills as they are taught and provide instant feedback without the need for set-up, downloads, or extra software.

Practical Case Studies

365 Data Science focuses on the practical application of data science in business through its case studies. The platform provides valuable case studies that enable students to put their learning into practice in a real-world environment. For instance, 365’s Probability course gives students access to the FIFA 19 player statistics dataset. The course challenges them to use—as if they were the head product manager of the game—continuous distribution concepts to evaluate if the game is fair and entertaining. Moreover, 365 emphasizes the practical application of data science to business through courses like Python for Finance, Credit Risk Modeling in Python, Time Series Analysis in Python, and AI Applications for Business Success.

Simplilearn also offers practical case studies for learners to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios. For example, its Data Science with Python course includes a case study that analyzes data from a telecom company. The study requires learners to use data-cleaning techniques, perform exploratory data analysis, and build predictive models to identify critical insights to improve the company's performance.


Exams are ideal for students to gauge how much knowledge they’ve retained regarding theory and application from a given section or course. Passed exams demonstrate to potential employers that you possess the necessary expertise to perform your job well.

365 Data Science offers three types of exams.

  • Optional practice exams evaluate your understanding of a particular area or chapter of the course. They help you find potentially essential areas for improvement and are an excellent method to prepare for the course exams.
  • Course assessments are thorough (timed) exams that gauge how much knowledge you have acquired on each course topic.
  • Career track exams are accessible only once you have completed every course exam in the professional track and have had your knowledge accessed from every course in the career track.

Simplilearn offers quizzes, assessments, and—like 365 Data Science—certification exams for learners who wish to validate their skills and knowledge in data science. But note that some courses come only with certificates of completion without the need to pass an exam.


Certification allows data science professionals to demonstrate their skills and knowledge to potential employers, clients, and peers. It validates that a professional has the necessary skills and expertise to perform the job at a high level. The certifications students receive from online learning platforms after completing a course or career track are key selling points.

365 Data Science provides industry-recognized certificates that significantly increase students’ chances of landing a data science job. When passing exams with a grade of at least 60%, students can acquire course certificates and career track certificates.

Simplilearn offers various industry-recognized certificates for data science professionals. The Simplilearn certification requires learners to pass an exam that tests their knowledge and skills. But some of Simplilearn’s free courses offer certification upon completion without an exam.
Traditional accrediting bodies or agencies do not accredit Simplilearn's data science certificates. But the platform is still well-respected and trusted by professionals and organizations worldwide. Simplilearn partners with various organizations and industry leaders—such as IBM, Microsoft, and the Data Science Council of America (DASCA)—to provide learners with certifications recognized in the industry.

Q&A support

365 Data Science provides superb, personalized customer support, and instructors actively participate in responding to queries from the platform's Q&A section. Such assistance is essential for novices requiring professional guidance.

Simplilearn provides learners with 24/7 live chat and Q&A support—designed to promptly receive answers to questions and eradicate doubts about the course material. Learners can post their questions on the course forum, and the instructors or other learners can provide insights. This allows students to get various perspectives on the course material and clarify their understanding of complex topics.

Student Ratings

365 Data Science and Simplilearn are well-regarded by students and have positive reviews on Trustpilot and G2. Simplilearn has an overall rating of 4.3/5 stars from 800 reviews on the G2 platform, while 365 Data Science has 4.6/5 based on 80 reviews.

On Trustpilot, Simplilearn scores 4.5/5 from 16,000 reviews, and 365 Data Science boasts 4.9 stars out of 5, derived from 1,100 reviews.

Most of Simplilearn’s negative reviews note technical problems and difficulties contacting customer support—even though 24/7 support is advertised on their platform. Such issues are rarely encountered on the 365 Data Science platform.

Pros and Cons

  • Flexible learning options, including self-paced and instructor-led courses
  • Hands-on projects and practical case studies
  • Personalized learning dashboard
  • Outdated or noncomprehensive content
  • Difficulty getting refunds or accessing customer support
  • Technical issues with the platform
365 Data Science
  • Comprehensive data science program encompassing a wide range of topics
  • Hands-on projects and practical case studies
  • Gamified learning platform
  • Access to Q&A support and a dedicated support team
  • No live lectures or bootcamps
  • No 1-on-1 mentorship


365 Data Science provides free content to students who wish to taste the platforms’ teaching styles before deciding on a plan. It allows students access to the first lessons of each course and the resources and practice exams in them. In this way, students have an excellent opportunity to upgrade.

Simplilearn does not offer a free plan but allows learners to access some of its courses for free via its Free Resources section, which includes free courses, webinars, articles, and eBooks that present various topics like digital marketing, data science, cloud computing, and more.

Simplilearn Pricing
  • Free: Self-paced beginner courses
  • Self-paced learning courses: $399–$999
  • Blended learning courses: $699–$3,499
  • Live online classes: $999–$4,999
365 Data Science Pricing
  • Free subscription: access to the first few lessons of all courses
  • Premium: $36/month or $29/month billed annually

365 Data Science vs Simplilearn: Which one to choose?

Simplilearn offers self-paced and blended learning and live online classes, while 365 Data Science provides structured career tracks and individual self-paced courses.

Simplilearn’s courses feature tech-related topics and vary in price. But its data science training program is not as well-structured as 365’s comprehensive platform.

If you’re looking for a specialized program to build your skills from the ground up in data analytics, machine learning, and programming, the 365 Data Science curriculum is the right choice. Each career track explains concepts in an easy-to-understand manner, incorporating all the necessary technologies and skills while emphasizing practical skills. At the end of the career track, you can acquire an industry-recognized certificate to prove your proficiency—affording you an advantage over other job applicants. 365 Data Science is a better choice than Simplilearn for data science. But if you wish to learn software development or digital marketing, Simplilearn might be the more suitable option.