A/B Testing in Python

with Anastasia Kuznetsova

A world-class professional teaches you how to perform A/B test experiments to create real business value and improve product experience.

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Course Overview

The A/B Testing in Python course gives you a rare opportunity to learn a skill that’s invaluable to all data scientists. Your instructor, Anastasia Kuznetsova, is a proven expert who works in one of the largest music streaming platforms in the world. In this course, she touches on several practical examples that not only allow you to learn the mechanics of A/B testing but also reinforce your understanding of how these concepts are applied in a real-life working environment.

27 High Quality Lessons
2 Practical Tasks
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Topics covered

A/B testingDigital analyticsExperiment designProduct designPythonTheory

What You'll Learn

A/B Testing in Python helps you master fundamental skills every data scientist needs on the job. The materials provide a 360-degree overview of the A/B testing process in a modern data-driven organization.

How to use A/B tests to improve business performance
Define, start, analyse, and measure the success of A/B tests
How to design A/B tests for digital products
Design tracking for the metrics
Advanced considerations when you run multiple A/B tests at the same time


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it's a great course. however, there should be a note at the beginning to mention the prerequisites for this course as it has some statistics methodologies. also, they should recommend some other courses and books, and articles through the videos for further reading and understanding.
This was a great intro to A/B Testing. Although I'm just a beginner the course put forward a great base to practice and learn further. The instructor specking about the thought process when doing the process was particularly helpful.
clear explanation that is well connected to the statistical theory, with a simple worked example of concrete calculations of metrics and statistics
Clear, concise and very well structured! Goes straight to the point for people working in ecommerce, digital products,etc..
I'm an experienced professional and this course was perfect for me to understand AB testing better. Thanks to course team!
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“I am a data scientist who has worked on over 100 A/B tests for big digital companies that have hundreds of millions of monthly users. In this course, I would like to share my experience with you on how to define, start, analyze, and present the results of an A/B test. We will discuss everything from the beginning to the end including some advanced considerations you need to be aware of to A/B test successfully.”

Anastasia Kuznetsova
Worked at King
A/B Testing in Python

with Anastasia Kuznetsova

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