Anastasia Kuznetsova

A senior data scientist at a Stockholm-based music startup, Anastasia is passionate about improving user experiences through experimental analytics.

Worked at King

About the Instructor

Anastasia is an experienced data scientist who has worked in tech, banking, game development, and research. In one of her prior jobs, she helped improve player experience through A/B testing for popular games like Candy Crush Saga. She has earned two Master’s degrees in Business Intelligence and Computer Science. One of her passions is sharing career-related knowledge with other people interested in the data science field. If you haven’t done it already, you should definitely take a look at Anastasia K’s popular YouTube channel which has over 35k subscribers.

Anastasia Kuznetsova

Skills and Specialization

After graduating university, Anastasia managed to become a senior data scientist in just three years. Very often, her work involves building bridges between product development teams and data science with the aim to improve a technology product. The practical knowledge Anastasia shares in her A/B testing course is a rare opportunity to learn from someone with real working experience at world-class tech companies.

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