ChatGPT for Data Science

with Elitsa Kaloyanova

Learn how to increase your productivity using ChatGPT’s advanced analysis capabilities and perform data science analyses with Python. Read, process, analyze, and interpret data and solve data science problems with the help of ChatGPT.

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Course Overview

In this course, you will learn how to utilize the power of ChatGPT and its advanced analysis tool. We'll tackle various data science problems, including exploratory data analysis, hypothesis testing, and we’ll work with Python's regex library, as well as develop a recommendation engine. Our key project involves using company data to address a machine learning issue—training a Naïve Bayes model to detect sentiment in user course reviews. But what's the real benefit for data scientists? For me, ChatGPT for data scientists’ foremost advantage lies in its time-saving efficiency, enhancing daily productivity by conducting data science tasks, writing code and debugging it. I'm confident it will boost your efficiency, too.

Topics covered

AIChatGPTdata analysisData processingdata visualizationmachine learningNaïve BayesRecommendation engineRegEx

What You'll Learn

Discover how to conduct ChatGPT data analysis in (among others) real estate, retail, and the movie industry. Enhance your data science skills using ChatGPT and Python.

Data visualization
Hypothesis testing
Recommendation engine
Machine Learning


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I found the content very valuable, but I would have liked to learn how to craft or structure the prompts in a more didactic way. The resources shared in pdf are not very practical to use because you have to enter each link to see its content (this would be a point to improve).
The course shows ChatGPT on mostly automatic mode with some minor manual adjustments. I would like to see a more expert-led approach, while using ChatGPT more like a helper.
It was a very Useful Course, the material was presented clearly and engagingly, and the assignments greatly enhanced my learning experience.
Excellent course highlighting the capabilities of ChatGPT with respect to Data Science and also emphasizing on its ethical considerations.
instructor is cutie patootie who explained stuff well . give her a raise . thank her , sorry to you and god bless this sale xD
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Elitsa Kaloyanova

“AI and ChatGPT have had an enormous impact on society, and their power and capabilities will only grow from now on. It is our job as data science experts to ensure that the results we receive from the AI are accurate and meaningful. Furthermore, we bear the responsibility to use AI ethically and ensure that it has a positive impact on society.”

Elitsa Kaloyanova

Head of Data Content at 365 Data Science

ChatGPT for Data Science

with Elitsa Kaloyanova

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