Elitsa Kaloyanova

A Computational Biologist turned Data Scientist, responsible for the content creation at 365

Head of Data Content at 365 Data Science

About the Instructor

Elitsa Kaloyanova is a Computational Biologist, with significant expertise in the fields of algorithms, data structures, phylogenetics, and population genetics. She has a solid academic background in Bioinformatics with publications on constructing Phylogenetic Networks and Trees. In 2021, she led 365’s effort to create practice exams and course exams for each course included in the program. Elitsa was able to successfully coordinate with several types of stakeholders and performed superior Quality Assurance.

Elitsa Kaloyanova

Skills and Specialization

Elitsa studied Bioinformatics in Germany. During her studies, she learned how to combine mathematics and computer science to solve problems from various branches of life and physical sciences: biology, medicine, physics, and chemistry.

Biology algorithms data structures Python Computer Science Mathematics