Customer Churn Analysis with SQL and Tableau

with Elitsa Kaloyanova

We teach you how to work and analyze real data and gain insight into customer churn behavior in a subscription-based model. We also address the theory behind customer churn, retention rates, and customer flows and implement and analyze a customer churn report in Tableau.

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Course Overview

Analyzing customer behavior based on data is becoming necessary for any business to understand its consumer base. In this course, you’ll learn how to define and analyze customer churn metrics, such as customer retention rate, customer re-subscription rate, customer lifetime value, and more. We’ll work with a real database, query it using MySQL, and create a Tableau dashboard based on the customer data. You’ll learn how to create maps and cohort tables, use Tableau filters, and more.

Topics covered

Bar chartBubble chartCohort analysis tableCustomer churnDashboarddata analysisdata visualizationLine chartMapsMySQL queryOrder frequency tableTableau

What You'll Learn

We’ll create a churn analysis report using Tableau. You’ll gain valuable insight into customers’ behavior of the 365 subscribers and upskill your Tableau knowledge.

Data visualization
Tableau story
MySQL query
Gather insights from data
Propose strategies to improve business objectives


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I like the explanations. I've heard of churn analyses before but had never done one so this is good experience.
Some of the quiz questions are not relevant to the course that is directly ahead of the quiz.
really advanced use case, thanks for giving us the real-world experience on hand
Guys, I am a Nigerian I am forever a yearly subscriber. it's an exciting course
Very practical and well explained
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“To become a successful data analyst, you must first be comfortable with extracting, analyzing, and intuitively visualizing data. Furthermore, you should be able to gain insight from that data and utilize said insights to formulate strategic business objectives.”

Customer Churn Analysis with SQL and Tableau

with Elitsa Kaloyanova

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