Data Cleaning and Preprocessing with pandas

Introducing you to the fundamentals of the quintessential Python data analysis library, pandas, and its core data structures – the Series and DataFrame objects.

with Martin Ganchev

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Course Overview

pandas is one of today’s most celebrated data analysis libraries. A favorite of many, its versatile functionalities can be leveraged for manipulation of many types of data - numeric, text, Boolean, and more. That’s one of the features that make pandas the go-to choice for analysts, especially during the data cleaning and preprocessing stages. pandas is built on NumPy and takes advantage of its computational power and abilities. But what sets pandas apart is its ability to operate with data in an easy-to-use way, allowing you to focus almost entirely on your analytic task. In this course, you will learn how to work with this powerful Python library and its core data structures – the pandas Series and DataFrames.

27 High Quality Lessons
3 Practical Tasks
2 Hours of Video
Certificate of Achievement

Skills you will gain

data analysisdata processingprogrammingpython

What You'll Learn

This course introduces you to one of the most widely used data analysis libraries – pandas. With pandas you’ll be able to solve your analytic tasks in an easy and professional way!

Develop a basic understanding of the pandas library 
Navigate through the pandas documentation 
Practice with fundamental programming tools 
Study collecting, cleaning, and preprocessing data 
Work with pandas Series and DataFrames 
Practice data selection with pandas 


“In this course, I will help you streamline the data cleaning and data preprocessing stages of analysis with pandas – the go-to library for data science and analytics professionals. By the end of this brief practical training, you will be able to handle the pandas Series object and DataFrames with confidence and ease.”

Martin Ganchev
Worked at European Commission
Data Cleaning and Preprocessing with pandas

with Martin Ganchev

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