Martin Ganchev

Since becoming passionate about online education, Martin created his first course in 2016 and has helped over 1 million students worldwide learn new skills.

Worked at the European Commission

About the Instructor

Martin began working with 365 in 2016 as the company’s second employee. Martin’s resilience, hard-working attitude, attention to detail, and excellent teaching style played an instrumental role in 365’s early days. He authored some of the firm’s most successful courses. And besides teaching, Martin dreams about becoming an actor. In September 2021, he enrolled in an acting school in Paris, France.

Martin Ganchev

Skills and Specialization

Since obtaining a master’s degree in Economic and Social Sciences from Bocconi University, Martin has had a strong affinity for statistics and econometrics. He particularly enjoys applying the advanced theoretical frameworks he learned at the university.

Python Python for Finance SQL Tableau Statistics Econometrics