Data Preprocessing with NumPy

This course will guide you through one of Python’s most notable packages – NumPy. We’ll explain why it’s so popular and discuss the numerous applications of its crown jewel – the ndarray class.

with Viktor Mehandzhiyski

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Course Overview

This course is designed to show you how to work with one of Python’s fundamental packages – NumPy. You will learn what a “package” is and see how to install, upgrade and import it. By the time you finish the course, you’ll be comfortable with NumPy’ ndarray class, how to slice and reduce the dimensions of its instances, as well as how to quickly refer to the documentation. Furthermore, you’ll be ready to take advantage of NumPy’s various built-in functions and methods, which we’ll use to generate random and non-random data, import and export data to and from Python, find statistical values for a dataset, and clean and preprocess ndarrays.

68 High Quality Lessons
6 Practical Tasks
7 Hours of Video
Certificate of Achievement

Skills you will gain

data analysisdata processingprogrammingpython

What You'll Learn

Do you already know how to use Python? Improve your skills by adding another tool to your arsenal – one of the most notable packages, NumPy!

Create arrays with NumPy 
Use basic NumPy syntax 
Generate data with NumPy 
Implement statistical functions 
Substitute missing values in Ndarrays 
Explore ways to clean and preprocess data in NumPy 


“A large portion of a data analyst’s work is dedicated to preprocessing datasets. Unquestionably, this involves tons of mathematical and statistical techniques that NumPy is renowned for. NumPy can be described as a computationally stable state-of-the-art Python instrument that provides flexibility and can take your analysis to the next level.”

Viktor Mehandzhiyski
Content Creator at 365 Data Science
Data Preprocessing with NumPy

with Viktor Mehandzhiyski

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