Viktor Mehandzhiyski

A double degree major in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Hamilton (New York) who teaches math to high school students in his free time

Content Creator at 365 Data Science

About the Instructor

A Hamilton College graduate, Viktor has a strong analytics background, focusing on the fields of Statistics, Econometrics, Financial Time-Series Econometrics, and Behavioral Economics. Viktor’s coding experience is rather diverse – from working with C, C++, and Python through to the more math/econ-oriented MATLAB and STATA. He has been fascinated by coding algorithms since the age of 11 and describes himself as a “Bachelor of Science and overall cool guy”. We couldn’t agree more. Some of Viktor’s personal achievements include developing a model for forecasting transfer prices of soccer players across Europe’s top divisions and Stock Market Indexes analysis on the effects of contagion on the effectiveness of international portfolio diversification.

Viktor Mehandzhiyski

Skills and Specialization

Viktor’s core area of expertise is finance and financial modeling. This is why he likes working with financial data.

Linear Аlgebra Probability Time Series Analysis Probability Theory Mathematical modeling Statistical Data Analysis