Dates and Times in Python

Providing you with the skillset required for manipulating date and time values in Python. Includes a practical example where you will work with a sales company’s data set to put your theoretical knowledge into action.








Course description

Dates and Times in Python is the course that will take your data analyst skillset to the next level! The ability to adjust dates and time according to a specific territory is crucial across numerous businesses and industries. In this course, you will master handling both date values that depend on the structure of the different calendars used across the globe, and time values that reflect time-saving regulations, clock changes, and time conversions. You will also discover how to keep track of historical data, use specific date- and time-related libraries, classes, methods, and conversion techniques in Python.


A Practical Example: Working with Dates, Times, and Time Zones

This section consists of a practical example covering all the basic, as well as the advanced techniques you’ll need to become a data analyst who can handle dates and times with ease. We will work on an actual data set and will operate on tasks including processes such as data preparation, data manipulation, data analysis, and data visualisation.