Dates and Times in Python

with Ivan Manov and Martin Ganchev

Providing you with the skillset required for manipulating date and time values in Python. Includes a practical example where you will work with a sales company’s dataset to put your theoretical knowledge into action.

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Course Overview

Dates and Times in Python is the course that will take your data analyst skillset to the next level! The ability to adjust dates and time according to a specific territory is crucial across numerous businesses and industries. In this course, you will master handling both date values that depend on the structure of the different calendars used across the globe, and time values that reflect time-saving regulations, clock changes, and time conversions. You will also discover how to keep track of historical data, use specific date- and time-related libraries, classes, methods, and conversion techniques in Python.

Topics covered

data visualizationProgrammingPython

What You'll Learn

This course will take your skillset to the next level by teaching you how to manipulate date and time values in Python. Anyone who works in a data science-related field should know how to handle such operations.

Understand time standards, time zones, and time regulations 
Work with time measurement systems 
Apply programming techniques in Python 
Use pandas for date- and time-related operations 
Make practical applications on an actual dataset 
Visualize date- and time-related data in the form of different graphs 


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I've never seen a course as detailed as this as regard Date nd Time in Python. This is solid and I'm grateful for the tutor. I also want to use this medium to say a big thank to the #Free21days to learn with 365 Data Science. Thank you
Extremely helpful course. I cannot recommend it enough to others! The course material is very helpful and well organized. I guess no one should face any difficulties when dealing with Datetime objects after finishing this course!!
The Date and Time Function For Python course has been of great help in managing and improving my project involving an organization that export from the base country in Asia to other parts of the world. Happy to have this course!!
Very Detail & Wonderful explanation of each & every concept of Date And Time Concept it seems to be difficult but very easy topic and explanation Appreciable course with lots of exercise although all related to video only
Very helpful lectures. I was familiar with Dates and Times in Python before I began the course, but now I learned some new things as well. I'm very pleased with this course.
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Ivan Manov

“Anyone who works in a data science related field must know how to handle date- and time-related information. Working properly and efficiently with timestamps is a highly valued skill virtually across all industries and this is the course that will take you to the next level.”

Ivan Manov

Content Creator at 365 Data Science

Dates and Times in Python

with Ivan Manov and Martin Ganchev

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