Ivan Manov

A Systems and Sound Engineer with a background in Information Technologies turned 365 Data Science instructor

Content Creator at 365 Data Science

About the Instructor

Ivan has a background in systems and sound engineering, along with information technologies and communications. In addition, he has professional experience in the media production industry and telecommunications. Ivan believes the value of data is growing every day, and it will soon be the biggest commodity in the world. He describes himself as “forward-looking and visionary”. Besides data analysis, data collection, and Python programming, he is passionate about artificial intelligence, signal processing, sound design, acoustics, and music. He sees these subjects as interconnected, and his work goal is to keep the balance between science and arts.

Ivan Manov

Skills and Specialization

Ivan can operate with multiple computer network systems, programming routines, and electronic media components. He earned a Master’s degree in Sound Engineering from New Bulgarian University. During his studies, he participated in various telecommunication projects requiring the advanced use of MATLAB and Python to read, write, and analyze data from Arduino sensors.

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