How to Think Like a Data Scientist to Become One

with Harpreet Sahota

Develop your mindset and learn how to think like a senior data scientist. This course is a perfect opportunity for aspiring data scientists who wish to learn from the advice of a seasoned data science professional.

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Course Overview

Data science is unique for its combination of several different knowledge bases and skillsets. To become a successful data scientist, you need such skills as critical thinking, problem-solving, programming, engineering, math, statistics, business acumen, communication, and project management. Bootcamps and university degrees certainly don’t teach or prepare you to utilize all these skills together. To be a great data scientist, you need to wear multiple hats and learn how to think like a product manager, a scientist, an engineer, or a businessperson—which is why becoming a data scientist is challenging. Think of this course as your opportunity to gain experience and advice from someone who has been on the job for several years and wants to spend time with you and share what he has learned as a senior data scientist.

Topics covered

Career developmentProblem framingProblem solvingQuestion designScientific method

What You'll Learn

This course gives invaluable advice to those who are just starting or about to begin studying data science. You’ll gain an understanding of the type of work you’ll do as a data scientist, why it’s an exciting and demanding job, the best way to build a project portfolio, and, most importantly, develop a mindset that helps you be successful on the job.

Why is data science unique?
The different roles in data science and how to choose the best one for you
What a project should do for you
How to adopt the data science mindset
How to use the scientific method in your work
How to frame problems and ask questions for effective analysis


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It was a great course. The content was explained well and easy to understand. I'm taking off a star because some of the resources he referenced in the videos were not included in the downloads. Also, he repeatedly talked about a Slack channel that there is no link to.
This course is an excellent overview of the scientific mindset relative to this field. It should be studied by all budding data scientists. The instructor brings attention to many points one may not have considered that will surely help you on the job.
I have found this course very informative, it's actually what I needed to understand the whole idea about data science beginning I was totally confused about it. Thanks Senior! very much appreciated here.
Absolutely amazing!! it give you a great overview of what is a Data Scientist mindset that it is not only valuable for landing your DS job but most important to navigate easier your day to day job as DS
Thanks a ton, it really provides really useful insights for a novice, hopefully experienced people as well. Its up to the individual to utilize the insights and build a career in Data Science
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Harpreet Sahota

“A data scientist thinks like an engineer, a scientist, and a businessperson. This trifecta is a unique mindset to adopt and is what makes careers in data science so special. You don’t get a paycheck because you know 100 different algorithms. You get paid to solve real-world problems.”

Harpreet Sahota

Host of the “The Artists of Data Science” podcast

How to Think Like a Data Scientist to Become One

with Harpreet Sahota

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