Harpreet Sahota

A seasoned data science professional who is the host of the “The Artists of Data Science” podcast (one of the best-liked data science podcasts).

Host of the “The Artists of Data Science” podcast

About the Instructor

Harpreet Sahota is a senior data scientist who has gained significant working experience with such companies as Bold Commerce, Price Industries, Comet, Pachyderm, and Deci AI as a manager. Harpreet describes himself as a proud data science generalist who can create value with his work thanks to solid statistics, business, data engineering, and machine learning engineering skills. He contributes to the data science community by mentoring 2,500+ up-and-coming data scientists who need quality leadership and technical guidance.

Harpreet Sahota

Skills and Specialization

Harpreet’s educational background and work experience have allowed him to acquire strong technical skills, such as in statistics and programming abilities. One of Harpreet’s best traits is communicating well with others and building meaningful relationships—helping to establish himself as one of the best-known and liked personalities in the global data community online.

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