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Mathematics is a broad subject, however, there are 2 specific subfields that are heavily employed in data science – calculus and linear algebra. This is precisely what the 365 Data Science program covers! In order to thrive in the data science field, you must first have all the numerical tools that will help you understand even the most complicated machine learning algorithms.

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What You'll Learn

This course will teach you the mathematical fundamentals used in the fields of data science by covering topics of calculus and linear algebra. It also delivers the numerical tools required for applying mathematical knowledge into practice.

Understand the basics of linear algebra 
Operate with scalars, vectors, matrices, and tensors 
Apply theoretical knowledge into practice 

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Generally this was a nice introduction to linear algebra. The explanations were clear and understandable. While the last lecture was useful in understanding where it is used in data science I feel like a few more real-world examples where some of these concepts are used would make the course even better.
What amazing content, bruhhhhh. I really love it. I gain new perspective, insight, and useful knowledge that help me connect the dots of information. I couldn't agree more when someone says it's a great course to learn. Thanks a lot to the people who made this course possible
Excellent Tutorial. I learned about matrices in high school and din't quite catch it back then, now i can boldly resolve matrices. I would love to repeat this lesson just so that the concept is ingrained. The visuals are quite interesting in telling the story.
This is the best course ever. I was really struggling with vectors and matrices. This is well explained in detail. There is no assumption that the learner is familiar with a concept, this is the best course. I loved it, thank you.
I totally enjoyed this course ,it was well simplified with good examples. I initially thought it was going to be stressful as its been long I did Matrix,but the tutor outdid himself. I wish statistics can do same. Thanks
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Iliya Valchanov

“Mathematics is one of the core pillars of data science. In this course, I will help you build the mathematics foundation you need to understand machine and deep learning models, and tackle more complex problems later on in your data science training.”

Iliya Valchanov

Co-founder at 365 Data Science


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