Iliya Valchanov

A serial entrepreneur who co-founded 365 Data Science and 3veta, passionate about mathematics, statistics, and all things data science

Co-founder at 365 Data Science

About the Instructor

Iliya Valchanov is a co-founder of 365 Data Science and 3veta. He is a Finance graduate with a wide range of expertise in the fields of mathematics, statistics, programming, machine learning, and deep learning. In his courses, Iliya shares his extensive experience in predictive modeling, complex analysis techniques, and optimization algorithms. He has a BA in International Economics, Management and Finance from Bocconi University, where he was Founder and President of the Bocconi Students Mathematics and Logics Association. In 2016, he created his first online course (Statistics) and realized he enjoyed the process of content creation so much that he co-founded 365 Data Science together with a group of friends from university.

Iliya Valchanov

Skills and Specialization

Iliya has participated in over 90 national and international math competitions.

Mathematics Statistics Machine learning Deep learning Data analysis Entrepreneurship