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The Negotiation course is designed to give you the upper hand in any type of negotiation. It covers the phases step-by-step, explaining the most appropriate actions in every situation.

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Course Overview

The most common mistake when walking into negotiations is to lack proper preparation and a clear roadmap. In the business context, this could lead to harmful outcomes, including destroying the relationship and losing money or assets. This course will teach you how to handle negotiations effectively. You will learn how to determine a BATNA, or best alternative to a negotiated agreement, set a reservation point, and make the best use of the bargaining range. By the end of the negotiation training, you will be able to assess the other party and expand the value for both sides. We will discuss topics like building trust and repairing it when it’s broken, as well as handling aggressive and unfair negotiators.

Topics covered

Business fundamentalsTheory

What You'll Learn

This course aims to improve your negotiation skills. Negotiation techniques are far from the traditional “split the difference” approach. To be a successful negotiator, one needs a solid preparation in universal principles that can be applied in any type of situation when two or more parties must find a mutually beneficial solution.

How to be successful at negotiations
How to expand the pie and look for a win-win outcome
Be able to recognize aggressive negotiation tactics and act accordingly
Build trust between negotiating parties and fix the trust when confidence has been broken
Use negotiation as a tool to be successful in business and your private life
Become an ethical negotiator who considers what is best for everyone on the negotiating table


  • Introduction
    3 Lessons 9 Min

    In this section of the Negotiation course, we explain why this is a core management skill and how to avoid the most common pitfalls that make people ineffective negotiators. Then, we move on to the must-have preparation before you sit at the negotiating table.

    Intro to Negotiation
    Why is negotiation a core managerial skill corrected
    Why are people bad negotiators
  • The negotiation toolbox
    2 Lessons 7 Min

    There are a few critical components to a successful negotiation, which are often neglected. This section covers a few of them: BATNA (best alternative to a negotiated agreement), reservation point, and the bargaining range.

    Reservation point and the Bargaining range
  • The importance of preparation
    3 Lessons 12 Min

    Preparation is the key to becoming an effective negotiator. It is the make or break of the outcome. In fact, we could say that about 80% of your effort should go into the preparation stage. The remaining 20% is the actual work you put in during the negotiation.

    Preparation - Assessing yourself
    Preparation - Assessing your opponent
    Preparation - Assessing the situation
  • Types of negotiation
    6 Lessons 25 Min

    In this section of the Negotiation course, you will learn about distributive negotiations (slicing the pie), distributive strategies (pie-slicing), interest-based bargaining, interest-based negotiation methods, and claiming. Finally, we explain how to choose the correct approach.

    Distributive negotiations (Slicing the pie)
    Distributive strategies (Pie-slicing strategies)
    Interest-based bargaining
    Interest-based negotiation strategies
    Choosing the correct negotiation strategy
  • Negotiation subtleties that will help you in the long run
    5 Lessons 22 Min

    In this section, we describe the five most common tactics negotiators use to gain an advantage. Knowing these can help you identify and parry them quickly.

    Adversive tactics and protecting yourself from them
    Conflict resolution
    Establishing trust
    Broken trust and how to repair it
    Mediums of negotiation
  • A complete negotiation case study
    1 Lesson 14 Min

    The last part of the Negotiation course is a real-life case study — the negotiation between Disney and Lucasfilm. In this case study, you will observe the different types of techniques Robert Iger and George Lucas used to negotiate a $4 billion deal.

    Case Study

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I have enjoyed this course. I am also understanding that if 365 Datascience uses the sauce of all of their collective courses they will successfully move forward.
That was great! Learned many new things, applicable to real life situation
Excellence. I wish repeat learn more and more. Thank you.
Excellent course, a must for everyone out there.
It's an excellent course for professional.
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Valentina Bogdanova

“Negotiation is a core skill, which has an impact on every area of your life. It is not a skill few were born with, but an expertise you can acquire through practice and research.”

Valentina Bogdanova

Ex-CEO Telecom