Valentina Bogdanova

An experienced business executive in the telecom industry with a background in B2B Sales and company leadership.

Ex-CEO Telecom

About the Instructor

Valentina started her career as a sales expert in the telecom industry. She gradually climbed the ladder becoming first, Head of Sales, then, Marketing and Sales Director, and finally, CEO and Chairperson of the Management Board at GPS Bulgaria. Now, she is the Sales Director at Viasat Technology. Valentina holds an Executive MBA from the American University in Bulgaria. Her business acumen and strong leadership skills have allowed her to establish herself as an expert in the telecom industry.

Valentina Bogdanova

Skills and Specialization

To become a successful CEO of a large company, one needs a versatile skillset and expertise in multiple areas, including management, sales and marketing, finance, decision making, negotiation, leadership, and more. With a vast experience in those fields and a passion for teaching, Valentina shares her knowledge and insights.

Leadership Management Corporate Strategy Marketing Strategy Sales and Marketing Negotiation