Persuasion and Influence

with Valentina Bogdanova

Learn the key principles of influence that will help you persuade and impact employees, managers, and decision makers

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Course Overview

This Persuasion course covers the core principles of influence documented by prof. Robert Cialdini in his famous book “Influence: Science and Practice.” It goes into detail about the six core principles of influence we can use to impact most people’s decisions and behavior. According to prof. Robert Cialdini, these principles have been ingrained in the subconscious part of our minds and are our genetical heritage of humanity. Together, we will learn why recognizing and considering the principles of reciprocation, consistency, social proof, liking, scarcity, and authority can play a significant role in communication in a business and social environment.

Topics covered

Business fundamentalsTheory

What You'll Learn

The course teaches you the basics of the six principles of influence. The practical skills and knowledge you will acquire from this persuasion training will prove invaluable throughout the course of your entire career.

How to be persuasive
Inspire others to comply with your proposals
Protect yourself from being tricked into saying “yes”
How to use the core principles of influence to your advantage
Understand the science behind the core principles of influence
How to apply each principle in real-life situations


  • The six principles of persuasion
    6 Lessons 27 Min

    The Persuasion course has a dedicated lesson for each of the six core principles of persuasion: reciprocation, consistency, social proof, liking, scarcity, and authority. Learn how you can use them to influence the attitudes and behavior of people in a business and social context.

    Social proof

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Thank you, Valentina, for using your experience to help others. The course was short but very well done!
Nice content!
Valentina Bogdanova

“If you are not familiar with the principles of influence, you risk being tricked into saying “yes” by people who use them to take advantage of your subconscious behavior.”

Valentina Bogdanova

Ex-CEO Telecom