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Teaching you the probability theory necessary to think like a data scientist. You will learn about expected values, combinatorics, Bayesian notation, and probability distributions.

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Course Overview

Data science is based on statistics which, in turn, steps on the foundations that probability laid out. This course will help you master the probability theory necessary to think like a data scientist. In addition, you will learn about expected values, combinatorics, Bayesian notion, and probability distributions.

Topics covered

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What You'll Learn

Probability and statistics are essential when working with predictions. With this course, you will master probability theory and learn how to apply it as a data scientist.

Understand key terms and ideas concerning probabilities and events 
Use combinatorics   
Describe events and the ways they interact with one another 
Determine what kind of distribution a dataset follows
Learn about the application of the probability theory 


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This as well as the other courses I'm taking are just marvellous. I love the idea of having to answer questions after the explication of a major concept. This is an effort on the part of the 365 D.S team to ensure that I'm following along with the proper, requisite understanding for the next topics. Also, I like how everything is not given to me during the lesson and I'm constantly being reminded to do my own research, check the python documentation etc, and create and solve my own problems. I think it's a great way to make me a proactive learner. I'm a final-year computer engineering student who's been taking the data analysis course for a month now and I can definitely envision my ignorance in data science on its way to Calvary to be crucified, thanks to the D.S 365 team. Thanks guys.Absolutely worth the go.
While the course provides great bite-sized lectures on the basics of probability I feel that it is lacking in the department of putting the learned concepts into practice. I believe more homework material would make the course much better as it would prepare me for the practice exams since, in the current state they were quite challenging and stressful to solve.
Overall pretty good course. Disappointed about the missing video about Combinations with repetitions and some kind of note about binomial coefficients (n-choose-k), made me lose some time to research around to understand since the example in the pdf seem to over complicate things.
The exams require a high level of familarity with the topic and with the way to apply the formulas which surpasses what can be learned just by watching the videos, some kind of an intermediate step is needed. There could be more practice of the learned concepts in some form.
By far the best course I have seen on this platform! My goodness. I am thoroughly impressed by the tutor. He knows how to communicate complex ideas in simple, digestible forms that gives a complete newbie a soft landing, yet firm grasp. Love it. Happy to recommend.
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Viktor Mehandzhiyski

“Having a probabilistic mindset is much more important than knowing “absolute truths”, if you want to succeed in data science. I have carefully crafted this course to reflect the most in-demand skills that will enable you to understand and compute complex probabilistic concepts. This is the place where you’ll take your skillset to the next level – that of probability, conditional probability, Bayesian probability, and probability distributions.”

Viktor Mehandzhiyski

Content Creator at 365 Data Science


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