Product Management for AI & Data Science

This course prepares you for a successful product manager career in the field of data science and AI. You will grasp the full lifecycle of an AI or data science project and learn how to manage teams efficiently.

with Danielle Thé

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Course Overview

This course is designed to teach you the specialized skills needed to manage the development of successful AI products. You'll learn how to identify opportunities for a business to leverage AI and prepare the data needed. In addition, you will grasp the organizational structure of AI and data science teams, how to communicate effectively with stakeholders, and the best methods for managing a team's workflow. After the course, you'll be able to take an idea, evaluate it with potential customers, prototype, strategize, build tests, and iterate on AI and data driven products.

67 High Quality Lessons
8 Practical Tasks
5 Hours of Video
Certificate of Achievement

Skills you will gain

career developmentdata analysistheory

What You'll Learn

This course will make you feel confident when building your product manager career. You will learn how to integrate your management skills in the fields of AI and data science.

Understand the product manager's role 
Distinguish between product management and project management  
Discover when a company needs to use AI 
Apply various product ideation techniques 
Build models for developing solutions in your organization 
Improve communication between team members and stakeholders 


“I'm incredibly passionate about AI and Big data and how as businesses we can apply the latest Product Development methodologies to AI so that we increase the likelihood of product market fit for our most innovative ideas. If you want to help lead your company in the way of AI innovation, I welcome you to get started in this course!”

Danielle Thé
Worked at Google
Product Management for AI & Data Science

with Danielle Thé

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