Danielle Thé

A world-class product manager, specializing in Data & AI products, Danielle has worked with two of the FAANG companies

Worked at Google

About the Instructor

Danielle’s expertise in product marketing, product management, and project management is beyond impressive. She has worked with two of the FAANG companies. At Google, Danielle was involved in various initiatives for the YouTube brand, where she continued to develop her professional skills. Her extensive experience includes working with Data Scientists to leverage Natural Language Processing in storytelling for Wattpad, as well as founding Developers Without Borders - an online platform that connects software developers worldwide with development projects. Danielle describes herself as “a tech enthusiast that makes the digital world easy to understand”. Now and then, Danielle posts interesting videos on her YouTube channel. Her content is extremely engaging and fun to watch, so we definitely recommend checking it out.

Danielle Thé

Skills and Specialization

It takes a strong understanding of Business, Tech, UX, and Data to be a great product manager for AI & Data products. In fact, very few people around the globe have Danielle’s working experience and level of expertise in the digital world of today, so her achievements are truly remarkable.

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