Python for Finance

This course will take your analytical thinking to the next level by blending programming skills in Python and financial theory, while working with real-world data.

with Martin Ganchev and Ned Krastev

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Course Overview

Python for Finance is the crossing point where programming in Python blends with financial theory. Together, they give you the know-how to apply that theory into practice and real-life scenarios. In a world where individuals and companies are aiming to become more and more autonomous, your ability to combine programming skills with financial data will allow you to create independent analyses. And that competency will give you an edge over your competitors or in your personal investments. To prepare you for these multi-faceted challenges, this course provides the relevant topics in financial theory and their hands-on application in Python.

65 High Quality Lessons
27 Practical Tasks
4 Hours of Video
Certificate of Achievement

Skills you will gain

financial analysisprogrammingpython

What You'll Learn

Do you want to create an independent financial analysis with Python? This course will provide you the required skillset.

Explore the required Python packages for Finance and Data Science 
Calculate and compare rates of return in Python 
Use Monte Carlo simulations as a decision-making tool
Use regressions for financial analysis 
Apply the Markowitz Portfolio Theory 
Work with multivariate regression analysis 


“This course is perfect for those of you who would like to exercise their Python skills and learn how to use Python for the purposes of financial and investment analysis. Everything we will study has a real-world application.”

Martin Ganchev
Worked at European Commission
Python for Finance

with Martin Ganchev and Ned Krastev

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