Python Programmer Bootcamp

Developing your programming skills in Python and teaching you how to solve problems by thinking computationally.

with Giles McMullen-Klein

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Course Overview

This Python course will not only take your programming skills to the next level, but also give you a problem-solving superpower! In it, you will develop a thorough understanding of Python and its programming capabilities, as well as hone your computational thinking. Moreover, you will learn how to implement object-oriented programming (OOP), create Python charts in Matplotlib, and work with different IDEs like Spyder and Jupyter. As you progress , you’ll get to practice your skills with fun and challenging exercises like solving the Sierpinski Triangle and the Towers of Hanoi. Your instructor, Giles McMullen-Klein, is an Oxford-educated programmer who made proficient use of Python during his time at the University. Not only that but he is motivating, enthusiastic, and truly passionate about the programming language he teaches!

128 High Quality Lessons
4 Practical Tasks
11 Hours of Video
Certificate of Achievement

Skills you will gain

data visualizationprogrammingpythontheory

What You'll Learn

The 'Python Programmer Bootcamp' is the ideal tool to further improve your Python skills. The course will guide you through some of the basics, but also introduce advanced techniques used with this programming language.

Develop a thorough understanding of Python 
Solve problems with Python code 
Implement object-oriented programming 
Create Python charts in Matplotlib 
Work with different IDEs like Spyder and Jupyter 
Study exception handling in Python 


“By the time you reach the end of this course, you will be able to program in Python. You will have a very strong grasp of the core concepts and features of the language. Quite importantly, you will learn how to think computationally.”

Giles McMullen-Klein
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Python Programmer Bootcamp

with Giles McMullen-Klein

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