Giles McMullen-Klein

Also known as Python Programmer on YouTube, Giles is one of the most engaging instructors that can teach you Python and computational thinking

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About the Instructor

Giles wants to teach you Python. Not only that – he will show you how to use Python to create, achieve, and problem-solve. He started coding more than a decade ago during his studies, achieving a First-Class Honors Degree in Physics. Back then, his area of interest was medical physics (specifically MRI physics), so he went to Oxford University to conduct advanced research into the field. If you are passionate about learning Python and exploring data science, you will find Giles’ YouTube channel called ‚Python Programmer‘ extremely interesting. In his authentic delivery style, he reviews learning resources, provides book and course suggestions, and shares a number of exciting data analysis project ideas.

Giles McMullen-Klein

Skills and Specialization

Giles has taught thousands of people how to code in Python. During his studies at Oxford, he worked on a variety of projects including image analysis and data modeling (with Python). In recent years, Giles has specialized in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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