Sign-Up Flow Optimization Analysis with SQL and Tableau

with Ivan Manov

Elevate your sign-up flow optimization analysis with SQL and Tableau and gain actionable insights for boosting conversion rates.

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Course Overview

The sign-up flow optimization analysis course uncovers potential issues that websites may encounter with their registration process. You’ll put theory to practice in a use case employing actual data from 365's website visitors, examining their interactions with the current sign-up screen. Essentially, we aim to point out specific issues that require further investigation. To address these challenges, we employ powerful tools like SQL and Tableau and conduct an in-depth optimization analysis. By creating insightful visualizations, we reveal critical obstacles hindering the smooth sign-up flow and identify actionable solutions. After organizing those observations into a customized analysis report, we validate the findings by implementing robust A/B testing. Еquipped with data-driven insights, we then make informed decisions on whether specific recommendations should be employed to enhance user experience. Are you looking to improve your website’s performance and conversion rates? Join the thousands of professionals who have taken 365’s program and are now using their new skills to advance their careers. Sign up now and master the art of optimization analysis.

Topics covered

A/B testingBar chartdata analysisdata visualizationHypothesis TestingLine chartMySQL queryOpportunity SizingSign-Up OptimizationStacked Bar ChartTableau Story

What You'll Learn

The sign-up flow optimization analysis course is an exciting journey that allows you to deepen your understanding of visitor onboarding and how to improve the registration process. By examining the behavior of 365's visitors, you'll acquire the expertise in utilizing SQL and Tableau to better interpret their actions and enhance user experience.

MySQL queries
Data visualization
Enhance user experience
Data analysis
A/B testing


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I like the way that you are showing the flow of how potential customers are attempting to register and signup but they are encoutering difficulties in doing so with an error bucket. In the past I have attempted to sign up for a service and would error out on something that I should have done in the process that was not obvious at the time. Thanks again.
Really enjoyable, practical, extemely useful and very well explained. Kudos to the instructor!
Great course!
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Ivan Manov

“Before you can effectively analyze data, you must gain a comprehensive understanding of its collection, organization, visualization, and interpretation. It is these steps that equip you with the insights necessary to make well-informed decisions for your business growth.”

Ivan Manov

Content Creator at 365 Data Science

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Sign-Up Flow Optimization Analysis with SQL and Tableau

with Ivan Manov

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