SQL + Tableau + Python

Building on your SQL + Tableau expertise, this course provides you with the skills to do complex preprocessing and agile real-time machine learning.








Course description

While Python is the leading programming language for data science, SQL is unmatched when it comes to relational database management. Tableau, on the other hand, is a leading business intelligence software, providing tools for quick computations and rich visualizations. This course will show you how to combine these software products to solve real-life business problems.

What's Next in the Course?

In this short section, we introduce the business problem to be solved and outline the task we’ll need to solve in the lessons to come: predict the probability that an individual will be absent from work on a specific day.


Preprocessing the 'Absenteeism_data'

In this section, we will focus on cleaning and preprocessing an entire dataset. If you already are a Python guru and cleaning data sets comes as a second nature, you may wish to skip this section. But if it is possible that you have gaps in your Python mastery, even if it’s here and there, it is essential that you go through every lecture. We are actually coding all the time in this section, so you’ll quite likely end up having a lot of fun.


Analyzing the Obtained Data in Tableau

In the last section of this course, we focus on the analytical part of the absenteeism task. We will load, analyze, and visualize in Tableau the data obtained in the previous sections.