SQL + Tableau + Python

Building on your SQL + Tableau expertise, this course provides you with the skills to do complex preprocessing and agile real-time machine learning.

with Martin Ganchev

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Course Overview

While Python is the leading programming language for data science, SQL is unmatched when it comes to relational database management. Tableau, on the other hand, is a leading business intelligence software, providing tools for quick computations and rich visualizations. This course will show you how to combine these software products to solve real-life business problems.

61 High Quality Lessons
9 Practical Tasks
4 Hours of Video
Certificate of Achievement

Skills you will gain

data analysisdata processingmachine learningprogrammingpythontableautheory

What You'll Learn

Combine Python with SQL and Tableau to create the ultimate tool for solving business problems! This course will teach you how.

Understand key software integration terms 
Predict probabilities 
Clean and preprocess an entire dataset 
Handle modern machine learning tools 
Learn about the structure necessary for connecting two compatible software tools 
Load, analyze, and visualize data in Tableau 


“Step by step, I will walk you through a complete exercise consisting of the integration of SQL, Tableau, and Python – three of the most popular technologies in the data science world. This course will help you gain first-hand experience with the types of tasks data scientists solve daily when helping businesses leverage their data, giving you strong competitive edge over other data science professionals.”

Martin Ganchev
Worked at European Commission
SQL + Tableau + Python

with Martin Ganchev

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