SQL + Tableau

with Martin Ganchev

Combining two expertises for a powerful integration: extract information from multiple databases using Tableau while coding in SQL.

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Course Overview

This course will give you methods of using SQL and Tableau simultaneously, helping you find hidden value in your data faster than when using them separately.

Topics covered

data analysisdata visualizationSQLTableauTheory

What You'll Learn

This course will show you how to combine SQL and Tableau. The included use cases will help you discover professional methods for analyzing and visualizing your data appropriately.

Understand the concepts of software integration 
Learn to work with SQL and Tableau simultaneously 
Respond to business questions using SQL and Tableau 
Visualize data 
Organize dashboards 


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A practical project after the basic "SQL" course, pretty familiar to me! Not only for more sql practices, but a good introduction to "Tableau" as well. Highly recommanded after finishing the basic "SQL" course!
a couple of hours of troubleshooting for my side on why my MySQL workbench not working. if you are not familiar with the software being used and you're just following the tutorial videos.
This helped me reinforce my knowledge of SQL. My learning became similar to a spaced repetition method after reviewing some SQL techniques in the form of review exercises.
Meaningful course for my Sustainability Project management where data manipulation and visualization is a definite must for insight and decision making.
Great, I plan to watch Youtube videos to further my learning about SQL, but very nice lesson to learn how to incorporate both SQL and Tableau
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Martin Ganchev

“In this course, I will teach you how to combine two of the most massively used tools by data analysts and data scientists – SQL and Tableau. This will give you the invaluable know-how to solve diverse kinds of problems in business intelligence and analytics efficiently.”

Martin Ganchev

Worked at the European Commission

SQL + Tableau

with Martin Ganchev

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