SQL + Tableau

Combining two expertises for a powerful integration: extract information from multiple databases using Tableau while coding in SQL.








Course description

It is next to impossible to analyze data in SQL. This course will give you methods of using SQL and Tableau simultaneously, helping you find hidden value in your data faster than when using them separately.

Combining SQL with Tableau: Introduction

In the introductory part of the course, we will talk about the lessons you will see next and discuss why a data scientist would want to be able to connect tools like SQL and Tableau. We will show you how to do the integration with Tableau Desktop, and we will provide you with a workaround in case you use Tableau Public.


Problem 2

Here, we will continue to explore the ‘employees_mod’ database and will run a sophisticated SQL query to answer the remaining questions in our task. The topic under investigation continues to be ‘gender gap’ policies.


Problem 3

Much like in Problem 2, here, in Problem 3, we will use SQL to extract a particular part of the 'employees_mod' database to respond to another business question related to exploring different statistics for the women and men in the company.


Problem 4

Problem 4 is an exercise that builds on your entire knowledge of SQL and Tableau. It takes you through solving a more challenging business task, using a more sophisticated SQL Code, and creating a different type of visualization in Tableau.


Problem 5

In this short section, we will show you how to gather your data in a well-organized dashboard and will show you how to add an interactive filter which makes analysis much quicker and intuitive.