Statistical Tests in Sales and Marketing

with Olivier Maugain and Ivan Manov

Gain hands-on experience with statistical tools through real-world case studies, mastering how to apply statistical analysis with Python to drive impactful decisions in sales and marketing.

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Course Overview

Our Statistical Tests in Sales and Marketing course explores how statistical analysis fuels data-driven decision-making. By delving into real-world case studies from sales and marketing, we demonstrate the practical use of statistical tools beyond crunching numbers. The course details the process of understanding, selecting, applying, and interpreting different statistical tests like the chi-square test of independence, t-test, Mann–Whitney U test, and more. Our premier data analysis course provides practical skills in employing statistical tests, interpreting results, and deriving actionable insights with Python. It focuses on applied knowledge rather than abstract theory—aiming to clarify statistics' role in solving sales and marketing challenges. From decoding market segmentation to assessing campaign impacts, we guide you on applying statistical analysis in marketing and sales and aid effective decision-making. Ultimately, statistics become a crucial tool—enabling informed, data-driven decisions that lead to success.

Topics covered

data analysisDecision makingHypothesis TestingProgrammingStatisticsTheory

What You'll Learn

Our Statistical Tests in Sales and Marketing course is an exciting journey through various case studies that enhances your grasp of statistics and its application in marketing and sales. By analyzing multiple business situations, you gain proficiency in applying statistical tests to refine your decision-making skills.

Statistical testing
Data analysis
Python for Statistics
Obtaining actionable insights from statistical tests
Data-driven decision-making
Understanding and proposing tactics to improve business strategies


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I really appreciate this course and your explanation was very good. Thank you for sharing what you know!
I loved the summary of the case as it is very helpful to organize the whole analysis in a practical way
very informative course, excellent for people who have ADHD
It is very good
Olivier Maugain

“Statistical tests transform intuition into evidence in sales and marketing. They provide the empirical backing needed to pursue strategies with confidence and clarity.”

Olivier Maugain

Worked at Henkel

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Statistical Tests in Sales and Marketing

with Olivier Maugain and Ivan Manov

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