Covering descriptive and inferential statistics, as well as hypothesis testing techniques and exercises, statistics puts the “scientist” in data scientist.

with Iliya Valchanov

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Course Overview

Statistics is the driving force in any quantitative career. It is the fundamental skill that a data scientist needs in order to understand and design statistical tests and analysis using modern software packages and programming languages. In this course, we start from the very basics and gradually build your statistical thinking. This, in turn, enables you to understand the more complex analyses carried out later in the program.

44 High Quality Lessons
25 Practical Tasks
3 Hours of Video
Certificate of Achievement

Skills you will gain

data analysisexceltheory

What You'll Learn

This course begins with the very basics of statistics and builds up your arithmetic thinking. It gradually teaches you how to work with more complex analyses, statistical approaches, and hypothesis.

Distinguish between the diverse types of data and levels of measurement 
Understand what a distribution is 
Calculate confidence intervals 
Perform hypothesis testing 
Become familiar with the p-value 


“Statistics is the foundation of any quantitative career. This course is where you start. And it is the perfect beginning! In no time, you will acquire the fundamental skills that will enable you to understand complicated statistical analysis directly applicable to real-life situations.”

Iliya Valchanov
Co-founder at 365 Data Science

with Iliya Valchanov

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