Andrew Treadway

A research data scientist at one of the FAANG companies, Andrew is a senior data scientist and a contributing member of the global data science community

Worked at New York Life Insurance

About the Instructor

Andrew is an experienced data scientist at one of the FAANG companies. Previously, he worked as a data scientist and a statistical programmer/analyst for a few prominent corporations. While advancing in his career, Andrew has utilized Python, R, and SQL, among other tools, to drive business decisions, automate the renewal process, and build machine learning models that assess risk and streamline inefficiencies. He also managed consultants, mentored junior data scientists, and conducted internal training sessions on Python, R, and other technical topics. In his free time, Andrew enjoys leading meetup groups on bioinformatics and open-source programming, as much as he likes writing blog posts for His articles appear on R-bloggers, Interactive Brokers, and R Weekly.

Andrew Treadway

Skills and Specialization

One of Andrew’s most notable achievements includes publishing the Yahoo_fin and PyPly Python packages. Prior to obtaining a formal university qualification as MA in Computer Science and Machine Learning from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Andrew earned a BA degree in Mathematics, cum laude, from Clemson University.

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