Davis Balaba

Experienced data scientist and analytics professional, inspired to help firms adopt the growth mindset framework he has developed

Worked at Meta

About the Instructor

Davis Balaba is the Head of Data Science New Product Experimentation at Meta. Originally from Uganda, he relocated to the United States more than 20 years ago. Before joining Meta, Davis served as Senior Associate at HSBC and as Senior Principal Data Scientist at Asurion. There, he composed a three-step framework (explore/segment/personalize) for a recommender system that would assign the right content to the right customer at the right time. In addition, he supervised the development of customer churn prediction models that power proactive engagement and retention strategies. Early on at Meta, he created a multi-step algorithm for optimizing high-dimensional ad spaces on Facebook using the Design of Experiments (DoE) approach. In his current role, Davis develops and tests new product concepts across multiple verticals that help build and foster the company’s global community.

Davis Balaba

Skills and Specialization

Davis is a versatile professional with solid technical and business acumen. The experience he gained on the job and from his consulting projects gives him a rather unique perspective – how small, mid-sized, and large businesses can take advantage of data-driven decision-making.

Business strategy Data strategy Change management Digital marketing Data science Data analysis E-commerce Social media marketing.