Gilbert Eijkelenboom

Gilbert is a professional data science coach and author of the book People Skills for Analytical Thinkers. He’s educated 1000+ data scientists and analysts on how to communicate the insights of their work more effectively.

Founder at MindSpeaking

About the Instructor

As a former professional poker player, you’ll find Gilbert Eijkelenboom wherever data and human psychology meet. In the course of his career in data & analytics, he became aware of a consistent lack of understanding among business executives and other stakeholders when it came to the value of data insights. To address this issue, he founded MindSpeaking where he’s trained over 1,000+ data scientists and analysts on how to communicate the results of their work with business impact. In 2020, Gilbert also published the bestselling book People Skills for Analytical Thinkers. 

Gilbert Eijkelenboom

Skills and Specialization

On top of a career in data analytics, Gilbert specializes in soft-skills training for fellow data professionals. He’s trained over 300+ people on presentation and storytelling, as well as authored a book on personal development for analytical thinkers. Moreover, Gilbert has dedicated his professional career to bridging the gap between business and data. With his interactive workshops, he aims to develop persuasive communication skills within data teams across companies and industries.

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