Horia Mărgărit

An award-winning senior data scientist, working on novel artificial intelligence business use cases

Worked at Autodesk

About the Instructor

Horia Margarit has a demonstrated history of success in the field of data science. Ever since earning dual Bachelor’s degrees in Cognitive and Computer Science from UC Berkeley and a Master’s degree in Statistics from Stanford University, Horia has managed to embark on an exciting career path involving data scientist roles at companies like ask.com, Intuit, Qubole, Autodesk, and Booster Fuels. With over 10 years of professional experience in the San Francisco Bay Area, he has differentiated himself by applying highly novel methods and approaches to tackling complex business problems. His predictions for business applications of AI have been featured in both CIO Magazine and Forbes. Horia’s primary focus is on technical underpinnings that maximize actual business and customer value.

Horia Mărgărit

Skills and Specialization

Horia Margarit is proficient in distributed programming via Apache Spark, Bayesian modeling, deep learning, convex optimization, and stochastic differential equations.

Python Deep learning Apache Spark Bayesian modeling convex optimization stochastic differential equations