Jeff Li

A senior data scientist who is passionate about learning new skills and teaching data science. His practical experience makes him the perfect teacher for those who want to learn how the ML process really works in practice

Works at Large music streaming platform

About the Instructor

Jeff is a senior data scientist at a large music streaming platform and is focused on forecasting problems surrounding ads. He got into data science by trying to earn a living playing poker and previously spent two years at Door Dash on their core ML team (he was working on a wide variety of problems such as improving experimentation power, personalization, and supply/demand forecasting). In his courses with 365, Jeff is willing to share valuable practical insights he learned on the job. Prior to starting his data science career, Jeff worked in technology consulting. He graduated the University of Southern California.

Jeff Li

Skills and Specialization

Currently Jeff is a data science manager and is responsible for quarterly planning, opportunity sizing, prioritization, and OKR planning for his team. His team focuses on rebuilding the methodology for a Podcast Ads Inventory Model.

Machine Learning Data Modelling Data Science Management Demand Forecasting Experimentation