Lauren Newbould

A senior data scientist specializing in NLP, AI, and large language models

Worked at BBC

About the Instructor

Guided by a comprehensive social science and statistics background, Lauren's data science career has taken her through several pivotal roles—from creating custom NLP solutions for non-profits in Nepal to providing insights for BBC Sport and the 2020 Olympics. Lauren has spoken at several conferences on how NLP can benefit those in developing countries and advocates for ethical and open data science. She aims to empower individuals and organizations to make confident, data-driven decisions and to ensure AI is fair and accessible for all.

Lauren Newbould

Skills and Specialization

Lauren is a senior data analyst with significant practical experience and is passionate about sharing her knowledge with data science students. She has earned a master’s in social research from The University of Manchester and a bachelor's in psychology from the University of London.

Statistics NLP AI Data Visualization Machine Learning