Manuj Aggarwal

A man of many talents and with vast experience, Manuj Aggarwal has helped many renowned global companies leverage the power of data.

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About the Instructor

Manuj Aggarwal is a leading AI and data science expert, published author, keynote speaker, and business mentor. He also owns four patents in AI and machine learning and is the host of a top-rated podcast. Manuj has helped renowned global companies become data-driven and launch mission-critical products. He’s the founder and CIO at TetraNoodle Technologies—a premier data science and AI consulting company. Among its clients are Microsoft, IBM, ING Bank, Pearson Education, and hundreds of startups. During his 25 years of industry experience, he had leading positions at Fortune 500 companies, including Pearson and Microsoft.

Manuj Aggarwal

Skills and Specialization

Manuj Aggarwal leverages the power of AI and data to help businesses achieve sustainable data-driven growth. With vast experience in different data science roles across industries, he specializes in various areas.

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