Nikolay Georgiev

Director of Data Science and Automation with an extensive academic background

Director at KBC Group

About the Instructor

Nikolay is a Director of Data Science and Automation at KBC Group. He has a solid background in marketing analytics, risk modeling, and research. A Master’s degree in Science and a Ph.D. in Economics and Business Administration have given Nikolay vast experience in the academic world. He spent over six years in the field of research at HEC Paris, BI Norwegian Business School, and the University of Texas at Austin, U.S. In addition, Nikolay has worked on numerous projects for Coca-Cola Hellenic and Shawbrook Bank (UK) that involved building highly accurate quantitative models and solutions for customer portfolio management, credit risk, social media marketing research, and psychological targeting.

Nikolay Georgiev

Skills and Specialization

Nikolay has authored eleven scientific publications, presented at prestigious international conferences and colloquiums.

Customer Аnalytics Credit risk modeling Social network analysis Data Analysis Statistics Quantitative modeling