Simona Dobreva

A psychology graduate pursuing a career in marketing with strong analytical capabilities

Worked at 365 Data Science

About the Instructor

Simona is a cognitive science researcher by formal training, and the author of the R for Statistics and Data Science course in our program. Her rigorous academic approach and an uncompromising drive for excellence are the main contributors to her students’ success. She was a Lead Research Technician during her studies, running experimental manipulations and ensuring the representativeness in the data. Simona is very passionate about game development and game theory, and she enjoys exploring new video games in her free time.

Simona Dobreva

Skills and Specialization

Simona’s strong quantitative abilities allow her to excel as a marketing executive. She specializes in digital marketing and relies on extensive data analysis. Simona earned an MA with first-class honors in Psychology from the University of Edinburgh. One of her most notable achievements is receiving the Daniel Garrad Prize for distinction in Philosophy of Science, The University of Edinburgh.

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