Introduction to R Programming

Providing you with the skills to manipulate, analyze, and visualize data with the best programming language for statistical analysis for data science.

with Simona Dobreva and Iliya Valchanov

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Course Overview

R is one of the best programming languages specifically designed for statistics and graphics. Programming in R is a fast and effective way to perform advanced data analyses and manipulations. In this course, you will learn how to use R and utilize the many data analysis techniques, methods, and functions it has to offer to the professional data scientist.

87 High Quality Lessons
7 Practical Tasks
6 Hours of Video
Certificate of Achievement

Skills you will gain

data analysisdata processingdata visualizationprogrammingr

What You'll Learn

Here, you will learn how to work on statistics and graphics with R. Become a professional data scientist by applying specific R techniques, methods, and functions.

Use RStudio 
Understand objects and coercion rules in R 
Create functions in R and use the R's console 
Create vectors and matrices 
Create and import data frames into R
Manipulate and visualize data 


“Learning R programming is a valuable asset to get you where you want to be in your data science career. In this course, I have drawn from years of experience in data analysis and have summarized all in a fast and effective training. I will be super proud and happy to share my R journey with you! ”

Simona Dobreva
Worked at 365 Data Science
Introduction to R Programming

with Simona Dobreva and Iliya Valchanov

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