Introduction to R Programming

with Simona Dobreva and Iliya Valchanov

Providing you with the skills to manipulate, analyze, and visualize data with the best programming language for statistical analysis for data science.

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Course Overview

R is one of the best programming languages specifically designed for statistics and graphics. Programming in R is a fast and effective way to perform advanced data analyses and manipulations. In this course, you will learn how to use R and utilize the many data analysis techniques, methods, and functions it has to offer to the professional data scientist.

Topics covered

data analysisData processingdata visualizationProgrammingR

What You'll Learn

Here, you will learn how to work on statistics and graphics with R. Become a professional data scientist by applying specific R techniques, methods, and functions.

Use RStudio 
Understand objects and coercion rules in R 
Create functions in R and use the R's console 
Create vectors and matrices 
Create and import data frames into R
Manipulate and visualize data 


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Pros: Good introductory course. The graphics are excellent. Cons: Sections 7, 8, and 10 are poorly instructed in any way. Please slow down! Codes are not described in a logical manner. Simply copying and pasting will not get you anywhere. It's difficult to type while listening to the instructor. The codes are not available in R Script. Nothing is provided.  There are just exercises available. You must type everything from scratch, sometimes several times in one video. You must type everything from scratch, sometimes several times in one video. Quite often, the exercise instruction refers to another exercise that is time consuming and difficult to locate. There are no course slides to which you can refer if necessary. To locate what you're looking for, you must watch the complete section.
This was an introductory course to data analysis with R, and it delivered what was expected from it. I am a senior programmer who is pro in python and ML in general, and I took this course to learn some basics I need for my university. The first 9 sections were not very useful for me, but a new learner defenitely need them. I hope we see some course with focus on more advanced topics, for example how would R scale to bigger ML or eve DL problems and why it is still used in industry, while Python is more widely acclaimed. is it just because Python is hard for non-cs people, and if so, would it be a good choice for someone who already knows python?
Great course. Awesome communication. I loved the instructor's simplicity in explaining complex topics - which made it easier for me grasp! I look forward to another course from her, intermediate R programming? :-)
I simply love this course! All the relevant concepts are very well explained and the infographics are superb. Also, the teacher's way of introducing new concepts and her sense of humor helps. Highly recommended!
The Introduction to R Programming course was interesting with simplified examples. Exercises was helpful in drilling the functionalities of R. Would be of great resource for my Data Science projects. Cheers!!
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Simona Dobreva

“Learning R programming is a valuable asset to get you where you want to be in your data science career. In this course, I have distilled years of experience in data analysis into a fast and effective training. I will be super proud and happy to share my R journey with you!”

Simona Dobreva

Worked at 365 Data Science

Introduction to R Programming

with Simona Dobreva and Iliya Valchanov

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