Vinayak Deshpande

Vinayak has been providing advanced analytical research, data science education and analytics solutions for over 15 years. Currently, he is on the board of the Data Science Institute in Dublin as an Academic Director.

Worked at Data Science Institute

About the Instructor

Vinayak Deshpande is a data science professional with over 15 years of industry experience. Currently, Vinayak is the Academic Director at the Data Science Institute in Dublin, where he provides a world-class education for aspiring data scientists. The DSI is a member college of Woolf University offering fully accredited courses under the European Qualifications Framework. Their programs offer professional-grade data science accreditation and certification, and the opportunity to apply theory into practice to solve real-world problems.

Vinayak Deshpande

Skills and Specialization

Leveraging his knowledge, he has consulted multinational companies and government bodies on data strategies. His fields of specialization are within the insurance, retail, FMCG, and pharma domains.

Risk Management Data Analysis Statistics Business Strategy Predictive Modeling Consulting