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10 Oct 2022 4 min read

Incorporating game design principles, our new learning platform takes you on a hero’s journey.

Learning by yourself is challenging, even alienating. A 2018 Teachers College, Columbia University study shows that Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have a completion rate of 15% or less because when studying alone (or when the course is free), we lose motivation and focus and procrastinate, eventually giving up. We are the worst enemy of our own success. 

This article addresses some of the most significant obstacles students face with online learning and how to tackle them. We also introduce our new gamified 365 Data Science platform—designed to make studying fun and support students on their data scientist journey and career accomplishments.  

What Are the Challenges of Learning Data Science Online?

Data shows that the most significant issue with e-learning is persistence and the will to show up to study every day. But it’s not as black-and-white as it seems. Many factors contribute to low student engagement, including: 

  • Alienation and Loneliness. Online learning lacks the human interaction you get from being in a physical classroom, which can lead to feelings of emotional disconnect. 
  • Self-doubt. One of the biggest enemies along the path towards self-realization is the restricting beliefs in our capabilities and character. 
  • Distraction. With so many things competing for our attention, it’s natural to put studying off for later. And when one missed day leads to two (or three), we may feel it’s too late to back up and start again. 
  • Lack of Immediate Results. In today’s world—where turnaround occurs in the blink of an eye—it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture if we don’t receive instant gratification for our efforts.   
  • Responsibilities. Navigating personal life, work, and studies is a precarious balancing act—especially for working professionals looking for a career switch. 

Each student deals with individual circumstances that get in the way of achieving their goals. It’s essential, however, to recognize those setbacks and work to overcome them. We have analyzed the battlefield and identified what needs to be done to ensure students get from point A to Z, acquire their deserved careers, and have fun along the way. At 365, we’re committed to creating a platform that ensures our students deal successfully with all the obstacles of online learning and do not give up. 

How to Overcome the Challenges of Learning Data Science Online

Various strategies can be adopted to confront challenges—no matter how overwhelming life may become. The following are some we recommend. 

  • Define a clear-cut goal—whether it’s a more satisfactory career path or simply a larger paycheck. 
  • Find a community that not only holds you accountable and cheers you on. 
  • Schedule your study hours ahead of time and plan accordingly. 
  • Most vital, be consistent. Stephen Hawking famously stated, “half the battle is just showing up.” 

We analyzed over 280,000 profiles on our platform. Data showed that students who engage with the educational content daily are more likely to pass the exams and earn a certificate. Qualitative research with face-to-face interviews also indicated that those students who obtained certificates had an advantage in finding a job in data science. 

A wise person once said: “A river cuts through rock not because of its power but because of its persistence.” Consistency, therefore, is the way to go. Log in, engage in the studies, and advance consistently to succeed. 

The New Gamified 365 Data Science Learning Journey

At 365, we consider your data science learning process a hero’s journey, realizing the goal of becoming a sought-after professional data scientist. But you may have refused this journey because of the fear of unknown obstacles. 

Yet every great hero is born of a challenge. We created an e-learning platform that won’t let you fail. Our new, fun learning space will immerse you into a supportive community where challenging tasks and rewards keep you engaged while studying. You’ll be able to track your performance and recognize the positive patterns in your behavior via rewards and unique collectibles with various benefits. 

Hand-drawn portraits of the fathers of the foundational sciences in collectible cards on the gamified 365 Data Science learning platform.

Consider some of the following gamified features that aid your data science hero journey. 

  • XP System – an essential in-game mechanic that allows you to track your progress, level up, and earn rewards by completing learning objectives, such as watching videos, passing exams, and completing a career track.   
  • In-app Coins – earn such coins as you learn and exchange them for special awards that help you stay on track on your data science journey. 
  • Newsfeed – a vibrant community space that highlights achievements in real-time, celebrates each victory together, offers support, and shares exciting data science insights.  
  • Leaderboard – compete with other students for the top spots of each division to earn weekly rewards and climb up the ladder. 
  • Streak – a feature that encourages you to be consistent and build positive learning habits with increasing rewards the longer you keep it up.  
  • Collectible CardsUnlocking unique benefits to assist you in your journey, these rare hand-drawn items by visual artists of the 365 team pay homage to data science pioneers and their global contributions. 

Leaderboard of the gamified 365 Data Science learning platform with the names, level, in-app coins of the top 4 performing students.

Along the way, you’ll also have the support of our world-class instructors and plenty of practical resources to add to your tool box. 

Screenshot of a newsfeed chat with an instructor answering a student's question on the 365 Data Science learning platform.

One of the strongest advantages of the 365 Data Science program is that it begins with the basics and helps you launch your data science journey on a solid foundation that ensures the necessary knowledge to tackle advanced topics in your work. It’s entirely comprised of step-by-step video lessons, practical exercises, and exams and provides structured A-Z Career tracks. We have a 4.8/5 internal platform rating and last month received more than 2,000 reviews—98% of which included a 5- or 4-star rating of our courses. In addition, our all-time rating on Trustpilot boasts 4.9/5. 

How Do Students Feel about Their Learning Experience with 365? 

I completed the Data Analyst Career Track in 12 weeks and successfully passed the final exam on my first attempt. To do that I dedicated roughly 3.5 hours on every day. The learning experience was simply rewarding. The program gave me a solid foundation of the fundamental soft and technical skills needed for the role of a Data Analyst. The courses are hands-on, so I rarely felt bored by excess theory. There are lots of practice questions for each concept that needs to be mastered. I had truly professional experience as I completed a real-life project at the end of each course.  

The video animation is intelligent and directive, helping to put the message home. I really liked the bite-size videos that are incredibly easy to understand and rewatch for when some concepts are unclear.  

Carlton Njong, Cyprus


Immediately after I joined the 365 program, I was able to level up my Excel and data visualization skills, and work on projects for my employer to really help track our clients' performance.

After 6 months, I was getting job interviews as Business Analyst or Data Analyst so it was really working. Now, 8 months after I joined the 365 program, I'm working downtown at a tech company as a Data Analyst. I'm really excited to see what the future holds for me and to continue my data science journey.

Lee McFarling, USA

Data Science Hero’s Journey: Next Steps

Studying data science isn’t a one-off event; it requires repetition and dedication to achieve long-term goals. But you’re not alone on your 365 Hero Data Science Journey. We have all the challenges and demands of e-learning in mind while focusing on your success. And we know that fun has a positive effect on motivation levels—determining how much you learn and retain. If your experience is enjoyable, you’ll stay curious and keep coming back for more. We’ve added fun to the equation of data science learning, and our tests show that it makes an enormous difference. 

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