Prime Numbers in Python Project

Create a Function to Test If a Number is Prime in Python. free beginner

With Nikola Pulev

Type: Course project

Duration: 1 Hour

Case Description

Prime numbers are an important concept not only in mathematics, but also in computer science, cryptography, and many other fields. The modern internet exists because different computers can communicate privately without interruption from malicious parties. Your information stays confidential precisely because of current cryptography algorithms that are based on enormous prime numbers. Very big prime numbers, in fact. During this Prime Numbers in Python project, you’ll devise a program for identifying such numbers.

Project requirements

For this project, you’ll work with Python 3 or a newer version and an IDE of your choice (Jupyter Notebook, Spyder, PyCharm, Visual Studio, etc.) Still, note that the file attached to this project is a Jupyter Notebook.

Project files

You will be required to create a Python program for this project.
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Project content
  • 0 Project file
  • Guided and unguided instructions
  • Part 1: Create a Function to Check if a Number Is Prime
  • Part 2: Count Prime Numbers in a Range
  • Part 3: Optimize the Code (Optional)
  • Quiz
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