User Journey Analysis in Python Project

Create your own functions and tools to analyze user journey strings in Python. free advanced

With Nikola Pulev

Type: Skill Track project

Duration: 13 Hours

Case Description

In this User Journey Analysis in Python project, you’ll explore real-world data from 365’s online subscription-based learning platform and analyze user behavior. Generally, ‘user journey’ refers to each user’s experience while exploring your product or platform. In other words, it’s the sequence of pages each user visited before purchasing a subscription.

Analyzing this type of data is an essential task for businesses because it can let them identify key pages (or sequences of pages) that help users convert into paying customers. It can also give insight into how users behave so they can structure their marketing campaigns or identify unnecessary pages.

Hence, your task will be to build the tools necessary to analyze many different users’ website journeys. You must think carefully about what is needed and how it can be achieved.

The project focuses more on building all the right tools and functions in Python to generate helpful metrics. At the same time, you should carefully examine these metrics and obtain beneficial insights.

Project requirements

For this project, you’ll work with Python 3 or newer and an IDE of your choice (Jupyter Notebook, Spyder, PyCharm, Visual Studio, etc.) Still, note that the file attached to this project is a Jupyter Notebook.

Project files

You’re provided with a ‘user_journey_raw.csv’ file. It includes data about the journeys of many users, with their user and session ID columns, the plan they purchased (Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual), and a user journey string for each session—a string of all the pages they visited during the session, in order and separated by dashes (-). For instance, Homepage-Pricing-Courses is a string indicating that this user first visited the Homepage, then went to Pricing before finally landing on the Courses page. The data provided for this User Journey Analysis in Python project has been cleaned, and the users’ privacy has been protected.
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Project content
  • 1 Project file
  • Guided and unguided instructions
  • Part 1: Preprocessing the Data
  • Part 2: Analyzing the Data
  • Part 3: Obtaining Insights from the Results
  • Quiz
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