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100 rectangle triangle combinations

100 rectangle triangle combinations


I’m trying to solve an assigment that consist in create 100 rectangle triangle combinations (legs and hypotenuse). Does anybody know how to programme it? It is breaking my mind…
Many thanks in advance!

1 Answer

365 Team

Hey Marlena, 
Would you mind elaborating your question a bit, because I’d love to help out!
Maybe even attach the file or a snippet of the actual problem, so we can see precisely what is expected of us.
Based on the “hypotenuse and legs”, I suppose you’re looking for a right triangle. Are you trying to print out 100 different such triangles? Do these lengths have to be integers or can we use decimals as well? How “different” do these numbers have to be, as in “Can we just marginally increase the length of one side and estimate the rest?”.
I’m waiting for some clarifications on your end, so we can solve this together. 
365 Vik

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